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Electrical Contracting
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Electrical Contracting



Unique Energy Solutions provide outstanding electrical services to Commercial clients. We have experience in providing an extensive range of electrical services and electrical contractors to a vast selection of businesses, government departments, facilities and community organisations.Whilst offices continue to operate, retail stores continue to trade and many organisations apply their attention to providing their key products and services, the staff at Unique Energy Solutions work safely and efficiently ensuring that all services are completed to your standards.


We are confident that whatever your situation may be, our competent staff here at Unique Energy Solutions will exceed your standards with minimal disruption to your business, staff,

clientele and yourself.



Our dedicated estimators strive to get the lowest price without compromising your high standard of quality. They work to understand your needs so not even the smallest detail is overlooked. Our team of competent electrical tradesmen (electricians) have worked on a variety of industrial sites including warehouses, manufacturing plants and also with various machinery. They are familiar with all security, safety and other procedures for working in and around construction sites, sensitive areas, machinery and manufacturing plants. Unique Energy Solutions respect and uphold these important procedures at all times.


It is our job to ensure the work carried out by Unique Energy Solutions is superior, not only in pricing and quality but also for ongoing support and knowledge of the industry with an understanding of minimising downtime. We are readily available to tender for projects of any size at the convenience of our clients.

We have staff on hand to offer invaluable expert advice that results in the most cost effective solution to any electrical problem that won’t compromise our outstanding quality.



Unique Energy Solutions can provide a design and construct service that is tailored to each clients needs. We offer an innovative service to ensure all clients are given the personal attention to ensure that each electrical project is completed to exact specifications. Unique Energy Solutions has extensive experience in providing its clients the complete range of electrical services required in all aspects of the construction industry. Unique Energy Solutions has experience in a vast range of environments from refurbishing units to working in remote locations away from home on large and small constructions sites of all types. Therefore we have the ability to service clients throughout Australia. Whatever your project, the working environment will present no problem to our versatile and experienced electricians but more importantly our hard working staff will present no problem to you. Our team of Electricians are aware that even a small problem can lead to huge delays, Unique Energy Solutions can offer excellent communication skills and problem solving abilities. On each construction project a team of qualified electricians working with experienced management will take control and handle all unforeseen problems with minimum hassle to our clients.

Electrical Contracting
Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection

Our Services

We can offer installation solutions designed to suit small office sites

through to multi story apartment/offices, industrial facilities, hospitals,

telecommunication assets or mining sites.


Unique Energy Solutions is fully equipped to provide any lightning

protection solutions including;


- Earth electrode drilling and installation

- Underground earth grid installations

- Direct stike protection

- Surge protection

- All aspects of earth testing


Underground & Overhead Wiring Systems


At Unique Energy Solutions, we provide overhead and underground services 

including construction, operational maintenance, new connections,

upgrades, relocations, emergency services and repairs.


We have extensive resources of highly qualified and experienced staff

and a fleet of specialised plant that enables us to perform our core works

in house. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t rely on

subcontractors so when we commit to a deadline, we make it.


We count as clients government bodies, utility owners, mining

companies, property developers, building, construction and

engineering companies from the smallest to the largest in the

country, and private residents. We have the same philosophy

with all our clients, integrity, honesty, work hard and finish the

job safely, on time and with great quality.



Unique Energy Solutions designs, constructs and installs

underground electrical infrastructure including excavation and trenching, duct installation, cable installation and cable jointing. We have extensive experience in the construction of new underground electrical infrastructure and in the removal of redundant assets. Unique Energy Solutions is well-resourced with its own stable work force, and excavation and cabling equipment and is not dependent on subcontractors.



Unique Energy Solutions designs, constructs and installs overhead electrical infrastructure including erecting poles, conductor stringing and lighting protection. Unique Energy Solutions has extensive experience in the construction of new power lines, augmentation of existing lines and removal of redundant assets. Unique Energy Solutions  is well-resourced with its own stable work force, excavation equipment, and stringing and winching equipment. Unique Energy Solutions is experienced in installing power lines over challenging landscapes and installing foundations in locations where drilling, blasting or pile driving are required. Unique Energy Solutions is also experienced in liaising with authorities and local communities to address environmental and other concerns.

Civil Contracting

With the arrival of our new 5 tonne Kobelco excavator we can now carry out

all our own civil works in-house which ensures faster installations with

higher quality installations whist keeping your cost down. No more

unnecessary contracting out for civil works. 

Our operator has the knowledge and experience to carry out any task

with ease whilst maintaining the highest of standards in regards to

quality assurance and safety. 



The Kobelco is equipped with a ripper, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm and

mud bucket. This ensures that we can tackle most trenches for both

power, earthing and telecommunication underground installations.

Rock Drilling and Earth Electrode Installations

The Kobelco has a custom Kanga Drill Mast attachment that gives

us the ability to not only drill through most rock to a depth of

50m, but also has the ability to access areas for drilling that most conventional drilling machine would never gain access to. This has proven to be an advantage on telecommunication projects where access is always a recurring issue.

Property Pole Installations

With our 250mm and 350mm auger attachments, we can now auger and stand our own power property poles. This is saving our customers on money and time as we are now able to install our property poles whist excavating the underground trenches. 

General Excavation Works

Unique Energy Solutions has the ability to carry out most earth moving tasks and with access to a large range of attachments, we're confident the we can assist you on your next upcoming project. 

Please contact us for more information.

Civil Contracting
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